Richardson & Laramee

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The Ancestry of Albert R. Richardson (PDF file)
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The Ancestry of Doris Loretta Laramee


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Notable Richardson Ancestors
The Richardsons have an extensive history of early settlers including individuals who arrived on the Mayflower, were in Salem at the time of the witch trials, and fought in the Revolutionary War.

Lawrence Southwick 1594-1660 and his wife Cassandra Burnell 1598-1660
(Barbara's 9th great-grandparents)
Early Quakers who, along with their children, were persecuted by the Governor of Massachusetts for their religious beliefs.

Salem's Quakers and Their Lost Memorial
An historical essay. The Puritans versus the Quakers: a review ... Wall, Caleb A. (Caleb Arnold), 1820-1898.
Pages 31-35

Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick
Cassandra Burnell Southwick Persecuted Quaker
Genealogy of the descendants of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick of Salem, Mass.

Shelter Island, New York
This monument was unveiled July 17, 1884. No headstones mark the grave of any person who was buried on Shelter Island between the years 1652-1729.
East bottom step- WHO FLED HERE TO DIE


Provided Southwick 1641-1727
(Barbara's 8th great-grandmother)

Provided Southwick, a Quaker, was arrested in 1658 for her beliefs and fined by the County Courts of Salem, Massachussetts. She was sentenced for siding with the Quakers and for non-attendance at services of the established church. The sentence being that she be sold into slavery to the English, either in the Barbados or Virginia.

An historical essay. The Puritans versus the Quakers: a review ... Wall, Caleb A. (Caleb Arnold), 1820-1898. (Pages 32-33)

Illustration - "The attempted sale into slavery of Daniel and Provided Southwick, son of Lawrence and Cassandra Southwick, by Governor Endicott and his minions, for being Quakers."


Samuel Gaskill and his wife Provided (Southwick) Gaskill signed a petition (August 1692) in defense of John Proctor and his wife, both accused of witchcraft. Unfortunately, the petition did nothing to sway the court, and John and Elizabeth Proctor remained imprisoned.

"We whose names are under witten havinge several yeares knowne John Procter and his wife do testefy that we never heard or understood that they were ever suspected to be guilty of the crime now charged apon them and several of us being their neare neighbours do testefy that to our aprehension they lived christian life in their family and were ever ready to helpe such as stood in need of their helpe
Nathaniel Felton Sen: and mary his wife
Samuel Marsh and Prescilla his wife
James Houlton and Ruth his wife
John Felton
Nathaniel Felton jun
Samuell Frayll and an his wife
Zachriah Marsh and mary his wife
Samuel Endecott and hanah his wife
Samuell Stone
George Locker
Samuel Gaskil & provided his wife
George Smith
Ed Edward: Gaskile"

Documents of the Salem Witch Trials, by K. David Goss Ph.D.
page 113


William Parker 1618-1686 (Barbara's 8th great-grandfather)

William Parker was one of the founders of Hartford, Connecticut. His name appears on the Founder's Monument located in the Ancient Burying Ground, also known as Center Church Cemetery.

The Founder's Monument